Shanghai Opera House 2018 Spring Recruitment   

发布时间: 2017年12月29日

The Shanghai Opera House was established in 1956 while its predecessor, the Xin-an Tour Company can date back to 1935. Over the past six decades, the SOH has produced a dazzling array of operas, dance dramas, musicals, choral, and symphonic and dance works. As a leading institution of performing arts of the city, the SOH tours extensively in China to showcase its artistic excellence before aspiring audiences across the country. It has also built working relationships with overseas counterparts and presented joint productions with them. Besides, it has also toured many countries and regions, e.g., Italy, Vatican, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.
The Shanghai Opera House has its opera troupe, choir, symphony orchestra, dance ensemble and workshop, and is now looking for excellent talents in vocal, music and dance at home and abroad. Specific matters are as follows:
1.Passion for profession, proper behavior norm, and a developed interest in performing arts;
2. Excellent professional competence, comprehensive development ability and good stage appearance;
3. Bachelor’s Degree and above;
4.Excellent English proficiency, and can work in English-language work environment;
5. Excellent health condition.
1. Choir (16)
  Mezzo-Soprano 4, Tenor 7, Barytone 2, Bass 2, Chorus Master 1.
2. Symphony Orchestra (18)
  Concertmaster 1, Violin 4, Viola 2, Cello 1, Double Bass 2, Oboe & Cor Anglais(Main on Cor Anglais) 1,Clarinet & Eb clarinet & Bass clarinet 1,
Principal Trumpet 1, Trumpet 1, Bass Trombone & Tenor Trombone 1,
Tuba 1, Timpani 1, Percussion 1.
1. Application Dates: Jan 15th, 2018

2. Online Application: Please send the scanned copies of well-filled application form (see Attachment1) and following relevant documents to the email address:
- CV
- ID Card
- Certificates of Academic Degree
- Certificates of Awards
- Certificates of Qualifications,
- A recent full-length photo
- A video-clip of personal performance within 5 minutes.
1. Dates:
  The audition will be held in January 20th. Detailed schedule will be announced later.
2. Venue:
  Multi-Function Hall, Main Building, 100/10 Changshu Rd., Shanghai Opera House
3. Processes
1) Vocal
First Round – one aria from western opera (in its original language) and one from Chinese opera (or art song)
– Compulsory: selected chorus piece from
  Beethoven Symphony No.9 in D minor, the 4th movement
  The Yellow River Cantata
  Second Round - Solfeggio
2) Instrument:
  First Round – Self-chosen concerto, the first movement
–        Compulsory: selected orchestra piece (see Attachment2)
  Second Round – Solfeggio
3) Chorus Master:
–Conduct an optional chorus work
–Play the piano while sing a repertoire from western classical opera
1. All applicants should arrive on time for the audition with the following documents in one folder in order, including Application Form, CV, ID Card (copy), Certificate of Academic Degree (copy), Certificate of Awards (copy), Recommendation Form of Employment for College Graduates (copy), Academic Records and etc.
2. Piano accompaniment will be provided for vocal audition, and can be self-provided as well.
3. Applicants who pass the first round will be informed to take the second round on the day of audition.
Human Resources Department, 100/10 Changshu Road, Jing’an District
P.C.: 200040
Tel/Fax: 021-62491209
1. Application Form
2. Repertoire Lists