Vadim Repin performed a long-wait recital at the NCPA since 2014

On July 2nd, famous Russian-born violinist Vadim Repin, who visited the NCPA four years ago,  appeared again at the NCPA to perform violin compositions by Debussy, Prokofiev, Grieg and Tchaikovsky alongside pianist Andrei Korobeinikov. 

Vadim Repin was praised by Yehudi Menuhin as the “most outstanding and perfect violinist”, and honoured in the 1990s as one of the contemporary Russian “three young instrumentalists”, the other two being violinist Vengerov and pianist Kissin. As the youngest winner laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition and gold medalist of the Wieniawski Competition for all age groups, Vadim Repin appeared at the NCPA Concert Hall twice, and performed several different styles of violin works in collaboration with famous conductors Ozawa Seiji and LÜ Jia. Famous pianist Lang Lang is also a good friend of his. They cooperated together at the NCPA New Year’s Concert 2008, and Repin worked for Lang Lang’s first chamber music album at the latter’s invitation. 

Repin performed Debussy’s Sonata for Piano and Violin in G minor, Prokofiev’s Violin Sonata No. 2 in D major and 5 Piano and Violin Melodies, Grieg’s Violin Sonata No. 3, and Tchaikovsky’s Lensky’s Aria (from opera Onegin) and Scherzo-Valse.

To perform the solo masterpieces with Vadim Repin is pianist Andrei Korobeinikov. Vadim Repin brought his Stradivarius violin named “Rode,” which was made in 1733.

Photo by WANG Xiaojing