2020 Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition will reschedule to 2021

General Announcement

In light of concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic, after much deliberation, we have decided to reschedule the 2020 Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition (SISIVC) to 2021. The health and safety of the participants, jury members, staff, and audience are our highest priority, and the difficulties connected to the epidemic do not allow us to guarantee a secure competition in the previously planned timeframe. We believe it would be best to reschedule in order to ensure the competition takes place under the best possible circumstances.


This year marks Isaac Stern’s 100th birthday, and for this reason we have decided that although the new competition dates will be in 2021, it will still be titled the “2020 SISIVC” to commemorate Stern’s centenary. Isaac Stern’s belief in music obliges us to respect his commitment to excellence, and any attempt to hold the event under duress would not uphold his standards. We are all currently under attack by this world pandemic, and we must remember that while a society without culture can survive, a society with culture elevates us.



Here are more details about the competition rearrangements:


A.   Rescheduled Dates

Video Upload Deadline: To be announced by August 2020

Pre-selection: March 2021

Announcement of Pre-selection Results: April 2021

Contestants Arrival: 7 August 2021

Competition Opening: 10 August 2021

Quarter-Final Round: 11-13 August 2021

Semi-Final Round: 16-22 August 2021

Final Round: 27-29 August 2021


B.   2020 SISIVC Keeps Its Name

Despite the rescheduled dates, the event title will still be dubbed “2020 SISIVC.”


C.   Qualifications

C.1. The effectiveness of all the submitted online applications remains valid.

C.2. The Competition will not accept new applications.

3. For those who have already submitted an application, the Competition is open to all nationalities, now between the ages of 16 and 33. Contestants born after 2003 must be accompanied by a guardian for the whole competition period in Shanghai.



DPre-selection Video Submission Requirements

1. The scheduled Pre-selection Round of 2020 SISIVC will be rescheduled to 2021.

2. The videos that have been uploaded will be regarded as valid.

3. The video submission channel will reopen again. The reopen date and new deadline will be announced by August 2020.

• For the contestants who have submitted their pre-selection videos, it is permitted to replace the video previously uploaded, if desired.

• Other qualified contestants who were unable to prepare and submit their pre-selection videos due to the pandemic situation, will be allowed to submit their videos by the new deadline which will be announced by August 2020.





Organisation Committee of

Shanghai Isaac Stern Internationl Violin Competition