Huang Yi was appointed the new chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of the National Ballet of China

On January 12th and 13th, Huang Yi officially became the new chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of the National Ballet of China when the first ballet of the year “La Bayadère” was performed.

Huang Yi is also principal conductor of the China Philharmonic Orchestra ,the artistic director and chief conductor of the Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra.

January 12th, 2019, Huang Yi was conducting “La Bayadère” for the National Ballet of China. (C)NCPA

Huang Yi has cooperated with the Symphony Orchestra of the National Ballet of China (hereinafter referred to as "the Orchestra") on several occasions, including conducting concerts, ballet “the Crane Whisperer” (2018) and “La Bayadère” (2019). Huang Yi said in an interview: "The Orchestra is a powerful symphony orchestra with first-class performance quality, and good cooperation between artists. It is a unique symphony orchestra of ballet in the world, it is a common ideal and pursuit for me and my colleagues to make it a well-known symphony orchestra in China and abroad. "

September 15th, 2018, Huang Yi was conducting “the Crane Whisperer” for the National Ballet of China. (C)NCPA

When talking about future cooperation with the Orchestra, Huang Yi said that in addition to a series of classical dance performances, the Orchestra will also launch a music season that is in line with the world and represents the professionalization of symphony: "We hope that the Orchestra will show its comprehensive strength in independent symphonic interpretation in an all-round way by means of stage presentation, and perform ballet symphonies and classical symphonies, present the brand of "Symphony Ballet" on domestic and international stages.

Huang Yi and Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Marathon Concert at the 20th Beijing Music Festival in 2017(C)BMF

Huang Yi entered Conducting division of China’s Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) with excellent academic scores in 2006, under the instruction of Professor Yang Li. From 2007 on, Mr. Huang has been instructed by noted conductor Professor Yu Feng. In 2009, he was handpicked by the world-renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa as his assistant conductor. In 2010, Huang Yi proudly became a recommended student for the Postgraduate Program of the Conservatory with an authorized waiver of the Entrance Exam. In 2011, he admitted to Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” Berlin in first class for master study majored in conducting, following Professor Christian Ehwald and Professor Hans-Dieter Baum.

In 2012, under one of the best-known conductors - Maestro Long Yu’s strongly recommendation, Huang Yi made his opera debut conducting China Philharmonic Orchestra at the 15th Beijing Music Festival’s new production of the Chinese Opera “The Savage Land”. In 2013, as assistant conductor to Christian Thielemann, he participated in rehearsals and performances in Wagner’s “Parsifal”, a co-production with Salzburg Easter Festival in the same festival. In the same year, he assisted Gustav Kuhn in the same rehearsals and performances in the 16th Beijing Music Festival. It was China premiere of the opera. In 2015, Huang Yi took the position of assistant conductor of China Philharmonic Orchestra. And he was admitted into the Faculty of Conducting of China’s Central Conservatory of Music, in the same year he conducted the world premiere of Ping Pang Concerto with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in the closing ceremony of Shanghai MISA.

Huang Yi with China Philharmonic Orchestra presenting Bernstein's West Side Story Film Concert at the 21st Beijing Music Festival in 2018. (C) BMF

In 2016, Huang Yi took the position of the first artistic director and Chief Conductor of Kunming Nie’er Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, Huang Yi was admitted into the assistant teacher of Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” conducting department. In 2018, Mr. Huang officially signed with the world-renowned classical music brokerage Askonas Holt. In 2019, Huang Yi became the new chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of the National Ballet of China and principal conductor of the China Philharmonic Orchestra.